Sunday, October 21, 2007

Either I need a long vacation or ..

Last week I got another email telling one of my friends has left his full-time travel job, taking some time off and joining a local company. This was the fifth such email in past some 8 months. I love my company and I love traveling, it has its perks. But the travel is good when you have a home base. You go, travel, help your clients and come back and continue your job. You have one context to work on. It has been a lot of context switching for me lately. Not so physical but it is mentally tiring. It has been so that I seriously am considering retirement, marriage, buying a yacht, taking a long vacation, becoming manager, starting my own business, franchising or something different from what I am doing. When you find every next person happier than you are, it is time to rethink about what you wanna do.

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