Monday, October 01, 2007

The news from the past week

1. Britney loses the custody - Thanks Kevin the super jerk and play safe manipulator for destroying a perfect life.
2. Handcuffed Mom's death - Airlines can get to your nerves. They behave as if they are doing us a favor for letting us in. I can perfectly see the reasons for Mrs. Gotbaum agitation. Some can control it and some cannot and its important to handle these "agitating-reason-driven-reactions" in more humane way. To maintain calm at that airport gate should have been less important than to make sure a life could be saved.
3. Putin for PM - A weird concept indeed but let the people of Russia decide.
4. Unrest in Burma - Where are the champions of democracy now?
5. Outcry on McCain's Christian comment - Isn't that true? And how come is this truth derogatory to any other religion practiced here? US may not be a Christian nation but its' constitution is certainly influenced by the teachings of Christianity same as Saudi Arabia being built on top of the human dignity as described in Islam. And thats even an official Islamic nation. Stop whining.

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