Friday, October 19, 2007

Recipe for survival for GM/Ford/Chrysler

1. Launch a Hybrid for Mustang
2. Keep Mustang/GT, Taurus, Fx50 and Explorer. Retire the rest.
3. Offload Jag and Rover.
4. Strengthen Volvo further.

I don't understand why should this company struggle?
1. Keep the technology coming from the Merc's.
2. Push the HEMI and the Charger further
3. Cut gazillion models of Jeep. Keep the existing models and improve upon it.
4. Don't launch too many models. Do not confuse the customers.
5. Get the new Diesel engine.
6. Start a compact hybrid.

1. Continue on heavy machinaries.
2. Pontiac needs an extra push.
3. Launch something soon on the Hybrid research your labs have been doing.

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