Saturday, March 15, 2008

Employment discrimination in India

I agree I am not the best person to comment on India. I am a Trishanku. The government of this country has not fully accepted me and people of the other think I am not Indian enough. But I do have an acute observation of the problems India faces. For one the two parallel economies that we see today. First is the computer economy where an entry level job could offer a salary of something in between $350-$500 per-month. Its not too much of a hassle to get these jobs. Demand is more and there is a beginning to have a shortage of people. As long as you are slightest trainable, you are in. On the other hand, in non-computer economy things are very different. Lets take Civil services that tops the chart on the other side. On an average a graduate spends 1-2 years on preparation, goes through four level of examinations ranging from prelims, written, interview and medical. For 200 jobs in a year, you get around 300-400,000 applicants. Happens to be one of the toughest examination that Indian states conduct and with salary? 200-250$ per-month. This is a discrimination. Its important to keep the difference to minimum. After all we have seen invincible companies getting down and out for creating economic wedge between its employees. Easier and higher vs. lower and tougher can bring the entire society crumbling down. Indian government should be wary of that.

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