Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama losing over Preacher's utterances

According to a new poll, Obama lost his 14pt edge over Hillary over Wright's sermons and now both the democrats are behind McCain. McCain is a nice guy so I am not worried. But I would like to refer to an old adage. Ostriches are known to hide their heads under the sand thinking there is no sand storm. Recognizing a problem is a start of solving it. If race was not an issue in America then even comic shows would not be filled with "white boy" jokes. On the streets it is still an issue. And someone who took high roads to address and recognize it should be further strengthened and supported. Strong buildings are not built on top of quick sand. This issue is as controversial as the policy of reservations in India. Every one recognizes it but not in open. There is a resentment, there is a requirement and there is a need to bring it in open and discuss it. Neither Indian political circles have any guts to do so nor, seems America has to address its own. Vis-a-vis Obama if he loses to Hillary he will be the first unified black representative in the country after MLK which neither Jesse nor Rev. Sharpton were able to do. If he loses to McCain then he has already succeeded in bringing the issue of race to the fore. And if he wins, it will be a big moment in the history of this country.

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