Saturday, July 26, 2008

India attacked...

...No you won't hear this as a shocking news on Television or any place else. This country has been bleeding from acts of terrorism for decades and decades. "29 killed in Ahmedabad", "2 killed in Bangalore", "30 killed in Benaras", "Scores killed in Jaipur"... These don't make actionable news anymore. And the perpetrators of these crimes are not always "Al Quaeda" but these home grown organizations springing up all over the world fascinated by whats going on in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan. It is ironic that even after 9/11 the world does not see it as a global problem. There are talks of premature withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Has anyone thought what will it get translated to? Do not donate your victory. It is too late to teach what a true Jihad means to these global Jihadis, they should be firmly dealt with, once and for all.

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