Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This is me on an average day

Day when I travel, I usually take late afternoon flights. Reach hotel between 11PM or 2AM next morning. Try to get ready without getting headaches. Drive fast to reach office by 9:45AM to attend the meeting. Fight fires all day. Not only mine but everyone's who knocks the door. End of day throat is always dry. Leave office between 7-8PM. Before leaving make sure say bye to any colleagues still working. Drive directly to grab dinner. Come back to Hotel and boot the laptop. Continue the work till I almost fall asleep usually by 2-3AM.
Day when I work from home, Have to wake up early by 7AM to reply emails and attend Morning meetings. By the time "immediate-response-needed" is over its almost 10AM (local) and time to brush the teeth and drink some juice. Continue the communication and anyone who wants help. Grab Lunch by 2PM (local) and continue the work till 6:30 (local). By 7 see if something to blog about or tweet. Continue the errands. Grab the dinner by 10PM while office work or some document to be read continues. Continue working on codes if pending. Sleep by the time eyes automatically close.
Non work days, I try to catch up on sleep. Run to Market for weekend stuff. Watch a movie if any. Look if any book or document can be read over. Keep the laptop close to work on anything or something thats pending or new ideas.
After these 7days of a week, no one has a f#$$% business to ask if I was doing anything. No wonder I almost forgot it was my Birthday today had my family had not called me to wish.

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