Friday, October 24, 2008

At last found sometime to blog

Last two weeks have been non-busingly busy. First there were some anxiety to attend the first Coherence SIG in NY. Last time I met Cameron before this SIG was at a client's site and I had screwed it up then (Not Me really but Hertz never lost) in driving directions. It was also nice to meet Alex, Rob, Brian, Peter O., Parker, Craig, Phil, Peter U., Tom and Patrick. And then it was nice seeing some of my clients as well and discussing their current challenges along with introducing Boris, Vikas and Anusha to the Coherence team members that they interact by emails and phone but had never met in person. It was also nice to listen to Brian Oliver's talk on Asynchronous Order preserving WAN Replication strategy. Nice to see someone bringing components that I had been aware of and used before, together in a more logical and robust way. And also hear Steve outline his strategy in successfully managing 'N' number of teams and establishing a centralized Architecture team.
Then I found there are many takers of my weekend project (jdbc driver for Coherence) that Rob and Brian were kind enough to allow to be submitted to Coherence's Incubator project. In fact two of my other colleagues joined hands with me as well and one of who's has a much mature implementation than mine. While I still think my broad approach is better ;). But it is hard to find ample time to do something that requires off-the-route creativity, and with work burden piling up again I am not sure when I would and should donate anytime towards it. On top of this one of the client reported problems with an earlier implementation and even though understanding their frustrations it is almost impossible to devote anytime to debug it after any active engagement ends. Probably the problem is due to Nagle (TCP connection waiting to send next packets) but need more testing. Oracle has a support structure that is very good in tackling Customer issues and works better than contacting Consultants and Product Engineers directly. I have tried my best and engaged everyone I could have to support them and is good to work with some intelligent developers who are quick to tests things out. Big Guys are already on top of it so I need not worry about it. And then there are some very exciting and technologically challenging projects coming up. I am working simultaneously with at least 5 separate teams to do architecture reviews and coding. When too many things go on in parallel I easily become a stateless machine - do not remember anything. Even simple implementations take time as Context Switching becomes a challenge.
And with watching your investments at a mercy of people who you do not know and have little trust on it has not been very easy. And with so many things to do - Working with Customers, Pending Reading materials, Lagging ideas, traveling every week on a 4 hour+ flights twice and aching body it was nice to steal few minutes to blog.

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