Saturday, October 18, 2008

Election participation - Go Vote

With American elections just around the corner, it reminds me of elections in India. Average percentage of voting in India is around 40-45%. Out of the rest 55 a huge majority does not go vote because they are lazy, because they do not think their vote matters, because they think their candidate will win anyway and other miscellaneous reasons like health, weather and fear of anti-social elements just to find that a candidate has won who he/she did not want. So people living in a Democratic society it is our responsibility to go out and vote. Whoever you like but go out there and vote. My parents have always encouraged us to participate in elections. Not in rhetoric but in ink. I remember whenever I was home during elections in a place I was registered to vote I and my family always went and voted. This is a way to show off your freedom to the rest of Un-democratic world that do not enjoy what we do. And remember if you did not vote then you lose your moral right to whine about the laws, bills and candidates that hurt you. Its your country and its future is your responsibility. Shape it with your vote.

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