Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is surge working or Terrorists already won?

A re-run of Bill Maher show today just shook me. After seven years of 9-11 Osama Bin Laden and his lieutenant is still alive. Work on World Trade Center is still not complete. American economy is seeing unprecedented downturn. The leader of the terrorists who attacked us might be laughing today. And what do we listen in the debate? "My friends I know where he is. I know how to take him out".. and no one asks that it has been a Republican government for last eight years, If someone does know how to take him out why was it not done? More than a Trillion dollars burnt on personal egos and revenge that could have been spent on Health care, Energy and other things. We see 4000+ lives lost with the main culprit still at large, that might have only taken a few hundred million well spent dollars to take him out and destroy his network. We see a Police officer in his uniform bashing his fellow American and planting doubt of him being a Muslim and words like "Kill Him" in Sarah Palin's political rallies and no one denouncing it.. "Who is Barack? - A terrorist!" and Republicans think this is the only way to win? May be Barack does not understand may be he does not, but at least he is clear what he intends to do.. "My friends I know how to do it" is still not making it clear how will it be done. The respect I had for McCain is badly hurt by what Sarah Palin and his other apparatus is doing. I guess they both promised to run a respectable campaign. But when the time is to get together and united we are demeaning personally our own fellow citizen. What has gone wrong with us? Did Terrorists hit us on our character and values?

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