Saturday, November 01, 2008

I endorse McCain, Because...

@11/01/2008: After deep thinking and three days before Nov'4th I have decided to endorse McCain. And the reasons I will reveal after the result ;).

@11/04/2008: And the reason is that whoever I ever voted for has always won, and whoever I endorsed but did not vote has lost. And I do not have voting rights in America. Second, I did not have any goosebumps to endorse McCain. Lets not forget that he is a nice and decent man who gave his entire life to the service of this country. But, Sorry McCain this year we needed change. And a change from a Guy who is ground to earth and seems to think of us The Middle class America. We needed American troops to conclude its services in Iraq and concentrate on Osama Bin-Laden. We needed lower health care cost. And we needed a President of America and of entire free world to be at least a good Orator and able to connect to his audience. We needed someone who can bring back the respect once America enjoyed across the World. And this was an only opportunity to find a Candidate who is equally white as he is black - A nation that a future America represents.
Congratulations Obama and a Salute to McCain.

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