Saturday, November 29, 2008

I pity Zardari

Every time a civilian government takes an oath in Pakistan, Indian establishment takes a sigh of relief in hope things can be normal again. But an assumption of Government being in charge also makes it complacent. Last time with Nawaz Sharif its Army orchestrated Kargil intrusion. This time with Zardari, elements in it's intelligence did the Mumbai massacre. Actually its been pity being head of a civilian government in Pakistan. A head who does not know what goes on under his nose. Mr. Zardari we know its tough but its really sad and pity. I am sure it does not feel good to be in control of only 1/3rd of the country and your own intelligence and Army bosses running a parallel government. Its pity it is. It also shows when you made an U-turn on sending your ISI chief to Delhi to assist after promising it on phone. India I am sure does not know who to blame and talk to? It does not know how many Pakistans it is dealing with. One face of Pakistan appears to be a friend but not in control. Others actively engaged in terrorism with help of under world Dons enjoying state hospitality in Karachi for years. No one could believe that a huge stock of arms and ammunition and trained men were dispatched to Mumbai without involvement of your own intelligence agencies. And if it happened without you knowing it is really really sad and dangerous. We had very high hopes from you but are disheartened to find if you are even in control of your country but still expect you to strengthen the hand of friendship that was extended after your election. Don't make our hope short lived.

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