Thursday, November 27, 2008

There can't be any reason for terrorism

As humans we are all animals. But we are also blessed with brains capable of making sure that the world does not become a jungle. After what happened in Mumbai I am sure there will be a series of finger pointing to follow. But it only proves that the threat of global terrorism is still serious and refuses to die. Global terrorism is not only directed towards British and American citizens but are also that are planned, funded and coordinated from across the nation's borders. The news has already been coming out that Mumbai attacks were planned and executed with the help of groups based in Pakistan. Also comes a new phenomenon of hijacking a civilian trawler in high seas and then using it to launch an attack, a tactic that challenges security apparatus of any nation. This is a high time for countries to make a decision if they want to be part of a civilized world or choose to being a failed state. Pakistan has a new civilian administration and an onus wrests on them to make this decision. If not a direct involvement of its government but terrorist groups still operating with complete impunity with help of its intelligence agencies is not a sign of trust that two neighbors must have. A world can only be a better place when everyone works together for its better future not by sponsoring mad killings of innocent people.

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