Sunday, December 21, 2008

Discovering Processor in Coherence - Part (II)

In the part (I) of this blog I touched a concept of managing the processing components in Coherence cache. In part (II) I am introducing a half-cooked implementation where agents can be looked up and downloaded in Coherence. The idea is to construct an infrastructure where Enterprise components can advertise their services on a lookup service and these services can then be downloaded and executed in Coherence grid. This implementation uses Jini with Oracle Coherence. The component targeted is EntryProcessor with some customization to manage java.rmi.Remote requirement for Jini and keeping it away from Coherence. I have uploaded probably a 70%ish implementation on Miscellanous Components site. The project is built using jDeveloper11g and requires coherence.jar and Jini2_1 libraries. It is still incomplete from where it has to go but has ample food for thoughts.
Components used:

  1. A Custom Cache
  2. Jini2_1 for discovery
  3. InvocableMap APIs to customize EntryProcessor
  4. And Coherence Infrastructure

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