Friday, December 26, 2008

Don't we just love Pakistani Foreign Ministry?

01. Elements in Pakistan abetted, trained and sent terrorists to Orchestrate Mumbai massacre.
02. Refuses to accept the lone captured terrorist is from Faridkot Pakistan.
03. Refuses to accept the plea of that terrorist for legal help.
04. Cordons off the village from media where the captured terrorist hails from.
05. No concrete steps to punish responsible groups and closing the terror camps.
06. Creates war hysteria.
07. Blames India for Lahore blast which with in days claimed by a Pro-Taliban group.
08. After international pressure black mailing the world by mobilizing troops from Afghanistan to Indian border (Has been their trump card for years).
09. Their Airforce running low sorties creating panic among Pakistani people and building anti-India sentiments.
10. And, their national leaders passing inflammatory comments against India.
So commit the crime and then scream you were a victim. BS! And what the world is doing? Sleeping?

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अंतर्मन | Inner Voice said...

It's a bigger game than we thought.There are more players in this. I'm sure it's more than pakistan calling the shots's all too foolish. It has to come to an end.