Sunday, December 14, 2008

In defence of Bush

Being disliked at home and getting thrown a pair of shoes in Iraq - the focal point of his foreign policy, I am sure are enough reasons for any common man to go in depression and of course with depressed economy it is not good to be George Bush. But as human nature goes we forget the intangibles. Once we get a Wii to play with we forget what effort it took to get one. Look around people. Some parts of the world live under constant fear of terrorism. What happened in Mumbai is a reminder that we are not safe yet. Only stupid will question the intent, resolve and wish of organizations that attacked us to do it again. Lets not forget not a single terrorist attack has occurred in past seven years on the soil of United States of America. And don't you think that credit goes to Bush? In wave of our own anger lets not forget what good this Man has done for us. I am sure the Guy who threw shoes at Bush must have forgotten what if he had done the same to Saddam. Whether we like Bush or not but he does not deserve this hatred either by an American or an Iraqi. I hope he is remembered in history as a man of resolve who cared about his country more than he cared about himself.

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