Monday, January 12, 2009

Bush - India loves me

Bush says see India loves me. Yes Sir we do. If 10 terrorist hold the entire Mumbai and the nation hostage for three days and not even a single missile was fired to where they came from or invaded the country then Yes we wished if we had a President like you. Who doesn't love wars? We love retaliations. Why to sit on table to resolve issues and talk and arm twist politically and cut aids and put international pressure to choke hell of their breathing when we can just settle it on the ground with Guns and Missiles? Would we be the first to do so? Romans did it. Alexander did it all the time. Our history is full of it. Europe is built on top of wars. Did we forget our own history? Don't we know what works and what does not? If political drama would have worked why United Nations had sucked so much? World wars were fought and the major actors became super powers. War is good. It makes you a super power. At least it makes you feel like one. So what if you lose moral standings, you lose economy, you lose 401K but you should never lose the pride of showing your muscles. After all Men are meant to fight. Yes Sir we love you. Can we outsource our Presidency?

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