Friday, January 09, 2009

An Open letter to United CEO

Hello Sir,
I have been flying United for a number of years and chose this Airlines in hope of a good and on-time service. My friends call me crazy for the level of travel I have done and my body has adapted to it. My work typically requires me to take long flights and of course to places where time difference matters. It gets frustrating when the flights are delayed for hours as it not only disturbs my schedule but puts a lot of pressure on my body. I am not talking of delays due to weather or Air traffic control. Lately it has been happening due to technical failures of the aircraft. Take an example, reaching at 2AM and then sleeping at 4 does no good to me to be at work next morning at 9. Reaching home late spoils the entire next day too. I am no President of United States but my time is precious as well. Clients do not care if my flights were delayed and I hope you understand it. I do not want to leave the kind of work I am doing because United Airlines is adding more stress than I already get myself into. Remember, I have a choice too.


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