Monday, January 19, 2009

Has MLK's dreams fulfilled today?

This is a question almost everyone is asking today and many believe it. MLK's dreams were already fulfilled when you had a company's CEO of an African American decent. His dreams were already fulfilled when you talked about your illness to an African American Doctor. His dreams were already fulfilled when you had a business owned by an African American running next to one owned by a White man. Obama's election as the Commander-in-Chief is just the pinnacle and possibly the fruit of his dream. MLK's work reflects one from a similar political and social legend - Dr. B.R Ambedkar of India. Ambedkar's work towards social justice revolutionized India's social equations forever. But India saw leaders from the community which Dr. Ambedkar fought for, becoming State Chief Ministers and even the President of India years ago. But has the struggle stopped? Is social justice achieved? Is the dream already fulfilled? No, Only its face has. The struggle is still on. Unfortunately In India today it has become a tool to play power games. It has become a number game to exploit the Democracy. So the dreams of social justice is not fulfilled when you end up with a President or a Prime Minister, it is fulfilled when he or she makes all and everyone feel equal and the same. The dream is fulfilled not when you have just a black President but when Whites, Asians, Indians and every American looks up to him as his or her own leader. His dream is fulfilled not if the color of the President runs the office but when the Content of his character runs the nation. Obama feels like a sweet breeze and not only Americans but the entire world looks up to him. He stands today on top of MLK's legacy. The legacy that talks not about the color of the skin but the strength of the character. America is proud to elect Obama as it's President now the onus wrests with him to keep all the residents of American nation proud and then only MLK's dream would be really fulfilled.

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