Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another hot summer in India

This summer it was hot again. I mean real hot which now has become somewhat expected. What have not been expected were plenty:

  • Cathay Pacific - One of the worst airlines I have ever boarded. After 15 hours of tiring flight to HongKong the connecting flight to Delhi was delayed because they scheduled a bigger aircraft for Delhi which was supposed to go back to Oakland. WTF! Didn't they know that before hand? It was my first experience to see a Chinese service and they scored zero. And the result was painfully missing my connecting flight at Delhi to my home town that I missed by a few minutes that resulted in a 7hr wait at New Delhi Airport.
  • Indian Railways - Another bad bad bad experience. Mamta Banarjee sucks as the new Indian Railway Minister. Even though not spectacular but her predecessor Lalu's work was visible on the platform. I was getting used to clean platforms, clean and hygienic toilets, near on-time train departures and arrivals. With Mamta Banarjee the Railways is faltering. This lady is such a disaster that she blamed the "crowd" after a fatal chaos instead of accepting any responsibility for crowd management. We had to wait for 7 hours at the dirty waiting (AC) rooms, smelly toilets and absent attendants.
  • Internet - I assumed by now Internet would be flourishing all over India. No. There were no free Internet at Delhi Airport which I was amazed to find out missing at this improved airport. Internet connection at home was flaky too.

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