Friday, May 28, 2010

Mr. Chidambaram - Indian life cannot be this cheap

When a country like India should be working day and night with all its resources in eradicating diseases and spending in Infrastructures that provide safety to life, life of an Indian is getting less and less secure by shear in-action of the current Government. We cannot accept insecurity as part of our daily life as we have accepted corruption in our system. Today anti social organizations like Maoists can blow up tracks and cause massive loss of life and your Government continues to sit idle with no replies to increasing boldness and challenges to our Nation's integrity and the safety of its citizens. And what do we see? Leaders of UPA give statements that "Maoists only kill people who spy on them". Did you dare to ask these Naxal elements in your UPA how many spied who lost their life in yesterday's train sabotage? And why don't you have guts to put these elements in Jail who directly or indirectly support these anti-national elements? Indians today demand your report card on what have you and your Government done to make us more secure? Why an non-combatant's life so insecure? Why terrorists and criminals are allowed to get away so easily? Why has this government become a government of spineless representatives? Don't forget we have always found the alternatives. If you don't believe us ask those who once said we were shining.

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