Saturday, May 08, 2010

Solving Immigration Problem

Its frustrating to see naturalized citizens engaged in act of terror against the same country that provides them livelihood and a quality of life. And then there seems an unending queue of legal, clean, and tax paying residents who are stuck in a never ending residency queue. So as we can't seem to fix the immigration problem, lets come up with some creative ways:

  • Any naturalized foreign national found in illegal activities should lose his/her residency and his/her's green-card should be returned to a pool where a lottery should give it to someone in that residency queue.
  • Any resident who has lived legally in the States for over 10 years should have a separate category. "No EB2 or EB3.. Just "legal residents over 10 years" pool. And they should participate in the lottery system.
  • Only one of the Wife or Husband should have a pending residency application. A lot of clutter can be cleaned of redundant applications.
  • Grade system should increase or decrease the country based quota. If one national of a country is found to abet, support or engaged in terrorism or any other anti-national criminal activity then the country he/she belongs to should have lower quota and that seat should be given to other nations. Let Communities themselves clean those black spots.
I am running out of ideas.. But please listen someone.. This country cannot afford criminal residents.

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