Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arundhati Roy is not just Ignorant she is an Idiot!

Booker got one thing wrong - Arundhati Roy. She has been (or wants to be) in limelight for all wrong reasons. Her brush with stupidity started with her comments in support of Maoists and now her blabbering on Kashmir. People like hers should go learn and study history before trying to become a champion of subjects they talk about. Kashmir has always been an integral part of India or the ex-Greater Indian that includes the Indian subcontinent culturally and administratively. Kashmir historically has been a center of Sanskrut scholars and study. "History of Kashmir" was written in the 12th century by Kalhan. According to Mahabharath, Kambojhs ruled Kashmir. The place Peer-Panjal which is very much Kashmir comes from the word Panchaal (you know who Paanchaali was, don't you?). It has been under Mughal, Sikhs and Hindu rulers. What India she talks about? Here is some history -

  • Emperor Ashok founded ShriNagari (Today's Srinagar)
  • Akbar reclaimed Kashmir in 1588
  • Ranjit Deo (1780's)
  • Gulab Singh (1846-1857)
  • Ranbir Singh (1857-1885)
  • Partab Singh (1885-1925)
  • Hari Singh (1925-1949)
Republic of India historically has always been a federation of independent states very similar to today's Afghanistan. Communities fiercely independent and regional but all recognizing the border integrity of the country. If she dares why can't she go and ask Pashtuns if Nothern regions were not Afghanistan. May be she should have been on the east Bengal when the country was divided by the British. We will still be glad to swap her with Taslima Nasreen.

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