Friday, October 01, 2010

Why Indian muslims should not feel second class citizens

Even though with some delays, the High Court has given its verdict on India's most controversial and complex case that involved faith, known and unknown history, emotions and a serious prospect of religious tensions. At the end the verdict acknowledged an existence of a Temple underneath the mosque, its usage both by Hindus and Muslims as a place of worship and land ownership by three contesting party. I and many Indians are very pleased by the decision as it did not turn out be a verdict of victory or loss. The shear fact that there exist a Temple underneath the place of content should be enough to respect it. There should not be any need to go to Supreme court. Babar or any of his lieutenant were no Islamic saints they were barbarians who could not see freedom of religious practice as a core essence of the country they migrated to. No one has to prove where Ram was born. And Muslims in India are as Indians as any of its Hindus and they reserve the right to same freedom that everyone enjoys. Now all the parties should come together and work towards an amicable solution that gives dignity and safety to all the citizen and a salute to the judges who tried to solve a problem of 483 years.

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