Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caste system? So whats our political system?

I am not talking about political parties and leaders who do caste politics but they themselves and the fraternity they belong - that's politics itself. Today's politics has built a system where it is virtually impossible for an outsider to get in and succeed. Look around how has this system evolved? From Rajiv it has gone to Rahul, Mulayam to Akhilesh, Karunanidhi to Stalin, Farooq to Omar and this list goes on. Can you with no political background think of succeeding and running a campaign? No. You will be wiped out before you realise what hit you. The kind of money involved even in small time University elections are getting beyond control. Political leaders have dedicated teams of "issue finders" and writers to write speeches. They want you to stay voters not issue takers. They want you to choose among them as your representative not to become someone with a following - not theoretically impossible but making it so hard to discourage you. If this is not a caste system then what is it? This is a caste of politics and this is how our own caste system had evolved once. This caste has power, when challenged from outside they work together, they have resources and they have motive. If this would not have been a case then Anna's mission would have succeeded long time ago.

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