Sunday, January 01, 2006

Churchill was insanely stupid

Read the new revelation that Churcill wanted Gandhi to be starved to death if he had gone to hunger strike on the issue of WWII. I always thought Churchill to be a hero of the WWII but this story proves he was insanely stupid. Churchill was pursuaded to not to do it coz the then British administration didn't want Gandhi to die a martyr. Now I have nothing to say on it coz history is infront of all of us. I couldn't believe Churchill to be that blind to under estimate Gandhi's affect and his aura. In the country of hundreds of religious beliefs Gandhi was one figure who was close to the sainthood and not just for one community. And BTW, Gandhi did not go on a hunger strike on the issue of WWII and later asked Indian forces to instead assist the British army. Wasn't that a political slap on Churchil's face?

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