Sunday, January 22, 2006

Eclipse vs Netbeans

No I am not writing any big technical comparison, enough is written already. I have always been a fan of netbeans - simple and elegant. I have been using (or asked to use sortta) eclipse for past few months. Good must say. Easy to configure the debugger specially the web applications and also lots of industry support. What I like about netbeans is its' simplicity in creating new projects. Easy to add (mount) jars in the classpath. Its all possible in eclipse too but netbeans wins in usability in this area though. The problem with netbeans is somehow the companies are not relating it with the opensource industry. If everything is opensourced then the IDE must be eclipse - certainly not the right frame of understanding but buoy its true. Netbeans5 is a big thing, yes I liked it and hope it wins or atleast changes it's perception.

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