Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A tale of $20 bill

I usually don't keep any cash with me but withdrew $20s from the bank's ATM to pay for a few things. While at work I tried to pay my lunch by cash but oooph! my $20 bill was missing. I must have dropped it somewhere while taking out my keys. Damn! I thought. I didn't pay for my drinks in the evening either which I had with my friend at a local coffee place. I felt bad and was so missing my $20 bill. I searched my house if I had dropped it somewhere but to no avail. If I had dropped it outside it was too windy to find it, I thought. BTW, in my regular hush-hush to work today I found it right infront of my door. I usually go through my other door but today I took the main gate as if my $20 was as missing me as much as I was.

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