Thursday, April 27, 2006

Politics of reservation is back

I love my country. This is a land of biggest fake democracy and world's worst politicians. Yes I am talking about India. And today I am pissed off because after a silence of a decade the governing parties have reintroduced the politics of caste and reservation. In the name of social justice some leaders have sown the seeds of discontent and injustice. In some states the total seat reservation for the jobs and admissions in the professional institutes are close to 70%. The pressure on the general candidates were eased after the involvement of the private institutes to open up professional colleges. The success of IT also contributed in a big way. When we felt the menace is over the political establishment has now proposed quotas in the privately held organizations. Is this a social justice?

1. Reservations given to some not only in the college admissions but in the jobs and then in promotions for the rest of their life - Is this a social justice?

2. General student candidates not getting selected in colleges for just few marks and some getting the seats for just appearing in the exams - Is this a social justice?

3. Empty reserved seats not filled in but not given to a general candidate - Is this a social justice?

4. The purpose of reserved quotas is the economic upliftment of the families. But then the father gets it and so does his rest of the generation. Families getting richer and richer and even then there is no denial of the quota to their creamy layer - Is this a social justice?

5. If a family is economically sound and his children have all the amenities as far their education and other comforts are concerned, then why should they be given reserved seats? Is this a social justice?

Where is the solution?

1. Allow maximum of two opportunities in a life time to exercise the quota.
2. With every request a certificate of economic condition should be required.
3. Women should be given the preference over men. An educated mother is more powerful than a educated father.
4. The well off families should voluntarily relinquish the right to reserved seats.
5. A survey of economic and political upliftment should be done every 10 years. The list of communities should be fluid. Removal and new additions should be part of the process.
6. There should be no reservations in the armed forces, high tech jobs, legal system, the life saving jobs (not the education) and in the privately held organizations.
7. There should be more investments in opening up schools at the basic levels so that the education system is strengthened.

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BlueLotus said...

I have few suggestion for both people in favour and people in opposition of reservation policy .I would like to suggest Indian government to show the people the way by a.) Securing 49 % reservation for SC/ST in parliament.b )In the cabinet. c.) All Minsters(specially PM and Mr Arjun sing) should get treatment only from a doctor passed in quota that will give courage to others who are questioning the abilities of our brothers.

For the people questioning reservation i would like to tell you one thing , the best way to express yourself is VOTE.Speak the language the other understands.

Pushkar T