Thursday, April 27, 2006

So I was at Sun today

...To inquire about my past employment verification. I did not have any contact number handy so thought lets go to the office and see if I can meet with an HR rep or my old manager. One of my old friends tried to find if my manager was there but I guess I went at the wrong hour and he was out. He could not let me in as I needed a contact to talk to and I did not have one. So I went to the frontdesk and there was no one there. Found a lady and she told me about a kiosk which was all I needed. As I had no prior meeting setup, it could not find me. I asked her for the assistance and the response was rather rude. I know she works at the badge office and used to sometime sit at the frontdesk. It used to be so simple before. Just give the name of a person to meet, the person used to come upfront, you get the temp badge and thats all you needed. 15 mins wasted with no progress. I felt as if it was a rude reminder that I do not work in Sun anymore and as if I was no more welcome there either. Then I went to the main building and found a person at the front desk. I asked her why I was there and to my amazement she could remember my face. It has been more than 6 months now but she could remember me specially someone who I did not have day to day interaction with. She not only found me the 1-800 number to call with the correct company code but also gave me her number in case it does not work. Suddenly in a span of 3 mins I felt so welcome in my old company. I guess the people matter. In case a Sun employee is reading this blog, I want to send some very positive feedback for this person Nancy - a frontdesk employee (admin?) (Broomfield, CO). Right people at the right places is all what Sun needs today.

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