Monday, June 12, 2006

A day in the life

1. Waking up at 5AM to catch a flight.
2. Finding a far distant place to park and then a long walk to the check-in counter.
3. Long line in the security check.
4. Middle seat in the plane.
5. Next to a loud arabic family. Two hours of painful listening to some meaningless conversation (atleast to me).
6. Sending a hello message to an old friend without getting his reply back.
7. Finding that a friend is joining my old company in a group I was part of.
8. Getting a call at 11AM in the middle of a serious session with the ring style of my cell phone set to loud music.
9. Finding I am the only person in the group with no rental car, why?
10. Trying to fix a badly written code with no available javadocs.
11. Being suggested by a "functional lead" to start working on a task so that we can get ahead and finish the tasks sooner, when already three weeks ahead.
12. IM with a friend technical manager who was as pissed off at quality of some products as I was.
13. Dinner with a friend who talked how easy it was to get the greencard in his time.
14. To the hotel and getting a smoking room with a promise to get it changed tomorrow.
15. Seinfeld on TV and clicking "Publish the post".

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