Sunday, June 04, 2006

What makes me uncomfortable when I am not driving

This is for those folks who feel uncomfortable while not in the driver's seat. This is a list which makes me one when the driver does any of these:
1. Controlling car speed with breaks. Don't apply breaks unless it is needed. Control the speed with your car's gas pedal, it makes the ride smooth.
2. First lane on highway and driving @40mph
3. Changing lane and applying breaks.
4. Changing lane and turning your steering wheel wide - Don't do it, it exposes the turning side. Just give a direction, your wheels are very intelligent.
5. Merging at a slow speed.
6. At a junction going slow and thinking whether to turn left or right.
7. Driving in two lanes.
8. Driving slow and try to go fast on yellow.
9. Driving slow and applying sudden breaks on yellow.
10. Telling how uncomfortable you are on a road doing something - at high speed or parallel parking or with those bikers. Believe me you make other folks in the car nervous.

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