Saturday, June 10, 2006

Did Iran trade Zarqawi?

Thanks to bollywood its another dramatic product of my mind. Any political analyst would tell you that its all about the position of strength and give and takes which has shaped our history. In the Mumbai underworld and as is so depicted in countless bollywood movies its very often that for political mileage leaders are known to give away their foot soldiers. So here is the scenario in middle east - Instability in Iraq is in favor of many of it's neighboring countries. The countries who do not like a democratic state to exist in that region. Even though Zarqawi the most wanted terrorist in Iraq was working to create civil war and against Shiities, he was indeed indirectly helping Iran to foment trouble in Iraq. And then came the bombshell - Iran's own nuclear ambitions. Who knows if Iranian agents were already on trails of zarqawi and to take him out at their own convenience? No question Zarqawi was a thorn in the heart of American forces too and could be of greater risk in future. Then a few weeks ago the most surprising news came. US toning down its' rhetorics against Iran on its' nuclear ambitions. Could this be possible if Iran and US came to an understanding of a give and take which would work in favor of both? A nuclear deal in return of Zarqawi? Whatever it is but two more to go and this world will be a much better place to live in.

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