Thursday, June 08, 2006

Increasing unpopularity of my blogs

I am an avid blogger and have a freaky craze of looking who and from where the readers are visiting me. The mania has grown so much that the google banned me on their adsense thinking I was generating fake hits. No I was not!! BTW, I've added a few regulars but have lost so many too who were the frequents till a few months ago. Then I thank a few who are the real regulars - I mean regulars who visit me atleast once a week. Then there are a few who keep tab on me from other sources but rarely visit my thoughts. Dude(s)! I am right here in my blogs. And there are those who deliberately don't come thinking as if I will win some war. Mixed feelings and mixed reactions. Passion comes in many colors: do you see any on ezsaid?

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