Thursday, November 16, 2006

A good read on Dvaita philosophy

A good read for the folks interested in Dvaita philosophy of Hinduism. And an answer to misinterpreted Varna pratha:

Interpretation of the Caste System

* Madhva interprets the concept of VarNa mentioned in the Vedas (Purusha Sooktha) as not being defined by birth, but by the nature of a Soul. For example a Soul having the nature of a Brahmin could have been born as a Shudra and vice versa. The caste system decided by birth is actually Jaati and not VarNa. The VarNas simply define the disposition of the Soul, for example a Soul classified as BrahmaNa VarNa is disposed towards learning, a Kshatriya Soul is dispose towards administration and a Shudra Soul is disploed towards performing Service.

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