Saturday, November 11, 2006

The just war going wrong

Men by nature are hunters. This violence is an in built characteristic. Wars are in their blood. And one thing they still do not understand is the nature of war. Don't start one but finish it if you are in. After 9-11 the war against terrorism and the terrorists was necessary. It lost its way and ended up being creating more. But now what? What would it mean to leave it as an unfinished business? Remember what happened to Afghanistan when Russians left? Their presence in Afghanistan was unjust but leaving in the middle left the country reeling under the wave of terrorism. War has another characteristic. It also creates long term friends. It takes a lot of courage to side with someone cuz, staying neutral is the easiest thing to do. Leaving in the middle will also leave your ever shrinking friend base in danger. You protect your war friends by any cost. Leaving Iraq now as is will lead to some major massacres and its the responsibility of the western forces to prevent it. Learn from the British past how they fought wars. Make more friends while you are fighting. Warriors are not those who can start a war and fight one but who can finish it. Lets be good warriors.

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