Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why I won't watch Umrao Jaan

For those who did not understand the title of the blog - Umrao Jaan is a remake of an old Bollywood classic of 1980's. The character Umrao Jaan Ada belonged to an Indian city Lucknow which is my birthplace too and anything even distantly related to the city grabs my attention and gets me emotional. With all the bosh-posh happening in other Indian cities, Lucknow has so far successfully kept its character - struggling but trying. The city of Nawabs famous for its' culture, soft natured people, poetic endeavors and "first you" ethos. My friends called me Nawab in my college and my first job for my laid back, lazy, couch potato attitude. What can I say I am from Lucknow and to the dreg proud of it.
Now, why won't I watch the movie? Because I don't want to see it through somebody's else eyes. The classic which the likes of Mujjafar Ali, Khayyam and Shahryar had produced is irreplaceable. My Umrao Jaan Ada can't be replaced - my first love at the age of 7. I saw that movie with my father and his friends. Those irreplaceable Dad-Son moments. I still remember every moment of that day and the dinner after the movie. The nervousness I had when my Uncle asked me what my hobbies were? And I kept drinking a single glass of water forever till my Dad explained what "hobby" means. The day which I still remember as is after 26 years can't be replaced. No I won't watch the new Umrao.

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Bina007 said...

I was with you up until I saw the remake. The original is a bit of a shrine in our house. It is in the pantheon. And I was all ready to hate the remake. But you know, while not perfect, it really has a lot going for it. I strongly urge you to see it before judging it - you might be surprised. I was the biggest sceptic and even I have been convinced.