Monday, July 16, 2007

Google Cookies - U care?

The Google cookies' will now be deleted after two years of the visit instead of year 2039 as was set before. Do you care? If Privacy is an issue, you can always go and selectively delete all the cookies of Google from the browser. And what does a cookie do anyway? It can only keep track of your Googlization and nothing else. And what if the cookie expires after two years? Are you not planning to visit the site(s) with in the two years of the first surf? And even if you don't, the cookie (A text entry) is not going to collect your "private" data and send it to the Google. Why to perceive a cookie as an "evil" empire? Are we inherently fearful or what? The evil empire would know what my surfing habits are... Big deal! Doesn't your local grocer know what you buy?

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