Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Why Mitt Romney has a chance?

I do not have a voting right here so I can be an independent non-prejudiced eyes. I started as and still a big fan of Obama. But lately I have been analyzing why among this group, Mitt Romney has a much better chance.
For Obama I think he is peaking at the wrong time. I don't think he can secure a good support among the traditional southern votes. When it will matter, Obama - A great thinker, a visionary and an assertive and no-dirty politician will easily be looked as just one strong African American leader. Would be bad, but..
If Hillary wants to get serious she has to get out of Bill's shadows. Bill's mentioning "My Wife" in Iowa for Hillary did not help either. Its true, but for her to be the President, he has to be her Husband.
John Edwards is not even the strongest Dem candidate. I don't think he is going too far.
McCain and Guilliani suffer from the same deficiency. They are looked at from a very narrow perspective. Their position on Economy, international policy and other domestic issues are not clear. Even though their position on security is well known and strong.
If there was any hope of Al Gore running, his son has today killed it.

Now, why does republicans still have a strong case? Simple... Because the Terrorism is not dead. What happened in Glasgow will reverberate in this elections. The incident proves that there are still elements who want to hurt us in anyways possible. The democrats are still far behind in giving a strong solution to this problem. When it comes to the security, speculations and hope does not help. Pulling out of Iraq does not guarantee anything. US presence in that region does. The position of Mitt Romney on various issues are very clear. His recent popularity also reflects the same. So, if me being a judge of America got talent, I will choose Romney and Obama to go to the next round. And let the public decide.

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Steven said...

You make a compelling argument, a big weakness I see with Obama is his lack of experience. Although, I think Obama is the best Dem candidate.

I am voting for Mitt. I think he has gotten his message out better than others. I do not think McCain or Giuliani can win the nomination, I think Thompson is peaking now and will come back to the pack. Ultimately I think the GOP nominee will come down to Thompson and Romney.