Friday, July 20, 2007

The July'4th conversation

...With someone [A]

A: So you don't have to go to work today?
Me: No its off because of July'4th
A: Its US' Independence day, right?
Me: Yep
A: So are you planning to do anything today?
Me: I dunno. May be go to Cape May, a tourist town.
A: So how old is American Democracy?
Me: I guess more than 250 years old.
A: Vow! India is like a baccha (kid).
A: Who was Martin Luther King?
Me: He lead the Civil Rights Movement here. African Americans didn't
have voting rights till 1965. Read his books he is very respected.
A: So were they Migrants?
Me: Yeah, but not like me on a Visa. They were American citizens.
A: Huh? They were American citizens and had no voting rights?
Me: Yep.
A: Then really America got its independence in 1965 right?
Me: Huh?

** I had no answer **

Two weeks later I have started to think thats what matters right? To continuously re-invent yourself? Getting independence every now and then? A free flowing water never smells bad.

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