Friday, July 06, 2007

Voice in Opera

I liked two features in the Opera browser, first the way selective history can be removed. Not sure, why Mozilla or IE has not done it yet. The second was its' Voice enabled browsing. I am a little disappointed when I try to enable the voice. It keeps asking me to download the binaries. Even after the download and install, the browser keeps asking to redownload when the feature is enabled in the perference. How stupid can a browser be? The other problem is how the Java is handled. I have JDK1.5 and any applet is never shown. I am sure there are resolutions to these issues but because I have so many other options, Mozilla, Safari and IE7 I have no reason to put my time on Opera to fix these issues. So I am almost ready to uninstall it and free up about 20MB of space.

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