Saturday, September 08, 2007

The irony of Osama's videos

The numerous videos released by Osama in past 6 years have gone down from Horror documentaries to Comic skits. From "Oh My Gosh, he released a new Threat" his messages have transformed to "What the heck is he saying now?" or "Darn is he still alive?". His new call for Americans to convert and relating it to the Iraqi war is not only ridiculously insane but hysterically funny. I am not sure if he asked the 19 of his terrorists to count the number of Muslims in the WTC before realizing their heinous crime. Somebody please tell him, the combined earnings of NFL and NBA players of Muslim faith is far more than the GDP of most of the countries his organization operates from. The only irony is even after six years of 9/11 and billions of dollars spent, he has still managed to buy a shit load of magnetic tapes, a video camera and a few packs of hair dye.

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