Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tell me why?

BBC ran a story on the ever elusive Green card. Here are some scripts:

**When Pankaj Kakkar sang the American national anthem on the Capitol Hill lawns,
Congressman Jim McDermott commented: "Son, you sing it better than me."

Unfortunately, this compliment does not take Mr Kakkar, a computer professional
working for Google, any closer to the Green Card dream he has been chasing for the
past 11 years.

**Meenal Sinha says not having a Green Card means you have to stick with the same
company that got you a work visa - and that means fewer promotions and salary rises.

"We have given the most productive years of our careers to this country. We have
always played by rules, yet this endless delay," she says.

**"It's so embarrassing when our peers ask, 'You don't have a Green Card yet?',"
says Niti

**A study by Harvard University warns of "increasing frustration among skilled
immigrants who have to wait for years for a permanent residency".

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