Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Any reason to piss-off Russia?

Russia has been staunchly opposing any missile shield plan in it's back yard. Of course US is keen to find partners and friends in that region to do so. As far as an official position is concerned, US missile shield is only meant to deter countries like Iran and North Korea to attack US and US interests. So, if we do not respect Russia's opinions and it goes to a level where it really pisses them off how bad could it be? Now what ifs.. What if they arm Iran with nuclear technology and materials they have been dying for? What if Russia ends up triggering a dangerous Arm race? What if a small surgical strike snowballs into a bigger war? What if Russia becomes a leader of "Islamic world"? One aspect of "Don't create enemies" is to make friends. Does anyone even care about the lives of simple little unknown people like us? Are we really represented?

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