Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't give right reasons to wrong people

The recent events in Mumbai and Nasik should awaken the Indian establishment. Attacks on Indians from UP and Bihar should remind the State and Central governments of the responsibility of respecting and saving the republic framework of the nation. The events have given people like Raj Thackrey and Amar Singh a new lease of life for their political survival. So why is this issue after all and why are they so hated? Simple. It is much easier to push around poor people. Its not the first time that U/Bians have been targeted. They were targeted in Punjab, they are targeted in Kashmir and they are targeted in Assam. Its a slap on their faces. In spite of rich human and natural resources they themselves are to be blamed for the poverty and lawlessness in their states for the kind of leaders they have chosen as their representatives. Why can't Gujarati and Punjabis be pushed around in Mumbai? Because they are financially strong. They are not the poor laborers, they are investors. And btw, if Amar Singh felt so bad about Raj's actions and comments then besides the resistance in Maharashtra why doesn't he come back and work for the upliftment of poors in U/B? You have everything that is required for a phenomenal economic growth. Show the rest of India what these states really are and can do. Don't be "an Africa" of the world - High potential but still poor.

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