Sunday, February 03, 2008

Whats up with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena?

I am not writing this because I am from UP but against a desperate attempt of MNS and Raj Thackrey of provoking regionalism for political survival. Raj Thackrey should accept that his splitting from Shiv Sena did not work and he is short of the fodder to feed on. On his demand of people from outside Maharashtra (Specially from UP and Bihar) to "behave" and disown their customs while in Maharashtra is not only illegal but a direct challenge to the fundamental rights provided by the Indian constitution to its people. Would he ask Maharashtrians who live outside Maharashtra or even India to disown their traditions? If influx creates security concerns then it has to be dealt as per the rules of the law. If he has problems with likes of Amar Singh and SP then stop giving inflammatory comments against an entire community and target them individually. SP don't represent North Indians. Raj should better watch out for what he says. Concern towards a problem is one thing, challenging the constitution is entirely different.

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