Friday, July 28, 2006

Steed or the nobel donkey?

I loved the donkey in shrek. He was not only funny but represented people who strongly believe what they are not. The donkies who feel they are steeds and this donkey lives in all of us. The beliefs of this donkey should not be taken for confidence because what they know is so limited in scope that they assume it is all what exists. Alas these characters are funny and usually good natured but they just can't get the work done and sometime annoying indeed. This donkey is important though because they also represent the the curiosities which if nurtured can lead us to unknown territories. The courage of this donkey alone and a proper mentoring can provide them the direction they need and then the onus will be on them to show how fast they can run.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thinking AJAX? Think a little more..

AJAX is changing the way web apps are build today. The technology which makes AJAX has been around and we can find gazillion documents on the net about them. So if you are starting to build a webapp and thinking of using AJAX, think a little bit more. Do you need asynchroneity, XML and Javascripts altogether at the same time? Can your users switch off the javascript in their browsers? Whats the volume of data being transferred from the server? Will you get carried away to build a desktop app on web? Or if its all you need is to parse an XML document in JSP? How about XML'izing your processors - servlets, JSP or even your bulky webservices? Can you manage your content as RSS? How much asynchroneity is acceptable to your customer? How slow will be your server? The list does not end here but before signing-off the design, just think a bit more.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

One who smiles at the time of crisis...

Is the one who has found one to blame!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Veto on the life sciences

Ethics, morality, religion, development, cure I am not the one to decide. Whatever the reasons were but the Hon. President did use his power of veto. So, no killing embryos atleast at the government's expense huh? There seems to be a compromise though.. Why not telling the "enemy" nations to provide human lives for the embryo research instead? Any way they would have been killed if we went ahead and bombed them? What a waste of precious life would that be! BTW, who invented the sarcasm?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why should babies be any different?

Why should babies be any different when this earth is for all? Please don't fail the earth.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The five pet peeves of a developer

I have come across these pet peeves often and you might have been too:
1.I am fixing somebody's else crap.
2.I am now asked to do the documentation.
3.I can't even find it in google.
4.When I am doing all of the things why is he asking for the status from him?
5.Same old work man!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Did Agni-3 really fail?

It might be true but the way it failed raises some questions. India and its DRDO is well experienced in space technology. It has a series of launches in its' stride with multi-phase boosters. If Agni would have failed hitting the target after completing its path it would have been understandable but the reported snag in its second stage of the lift is unbelievable. Don't know if they chose a tough trajectory as these missiles accelerates at a much faster rate than the space launchers and a tight trajectory can put a lot of pressure. As per DRDO sources though, they tried to test multiple technologies including fault tolerant avionics, flex nozzle control system and the velocity of the system capable of going 16 to 17 times faster than the speed of sound. But its good that DRDO crossed the political laxman rekha and working on to continue the future tests. Lets hope they fix all the snags soon, its important for India's minimum deterance they have been talking about for years.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why would successful CEOs fail?

It is seen that very successful CEOs often fail when they move to a bigger company. No I am not a CEO and have never been. I make assumptions, big assumptions and here are some more. I think the following does not happen in a smaller organization, only big ones are infected:

  • Don't think everyone in your oraganization listens to you. There are a few who have their own agenda.

  • You are not the best anymore. You have peers who are equally good, in their own silos may be better.

  • Many in your organization now want you to fail. And they already have figured out where they move when you do.

  • You now tend to forget the smaller markets.

  • You are made to believe that you can't start afresh.
  • Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Majority of Indians are ugly

    No I am not saying that Indians are ugly, its the Bollywood who does. If you watch a typical Bollywood dance number we find the "extras" are deliberately made less beautiful. The other dancers don't look as stunning as the main character. Statistically then out of 15 some dancers only one looks good. Does that mean majority are ugly? Hold on bolly! we are coming after you.