Friday, September 18, 2009

फ़िर से एक शेर

ख़ुद से जो रूठा हो, वो जाए किधर कहाँ जाए?
आवाजें ढूंढता वो जो, किधर जाए कहाँ जाए?
ख़ुद की जो सूरत आज भी आईने न उतरी हो,
जो ताके ख़ुद को दरिया में, किधर जाए कहाँ जाए?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am very disappointed with Apple and AT&T

People who know me know that I get very emotionally attached with things and am an impulsive buyer. My stuff, my work, software I use, my tables, my chairs and including my phone. With everyone around me brandishing their iPhones, I decided to buy one. Went to my company's corporate website and punched out to buy a new 16GB iPhone 3GS with an upgraded plan with AT&T. I paid $399 for this device when everyone around me did $199. I was excited and as mentioned earlier my impulsiveness took over me. Since I got this device I have been on tech support calls pretty much every week for one reason or the other. For me Apple is a name of perfection and it should have acted that way. Sadly my expectations are misplaced. First, the internet was not working if I was not connected to a WiFi, then I had trouble receiving my company's email then it refused to discover a bluetooth headset that even a $50 Samsung phone was able to do. And then after a tech support person promising me someone giving me a call on Tuesday about the excess $200 I paid no body called me. In the evening I ended up talking to someone who seemed a little more helpful created a new case and scheduled someone to call me tomorrow as the "customer relations office" was supposed to be closed at the time I called. On the other issue, after a series of tries I was asked to physically go to a "Mac-Genius" store to find what the issue with my bluetooth was? After a quick test the Genius asked me to bring the device tomorrow so that he could replace it with a new set, as I had to backup my data and apps. Besides some cool looking geeks helping customers and sleek Apple stores I don't find this company to be any different. Screwed up support, painful waits on phone, unfulfilled promises, faulty devices and messed up billing - I don't think justifies twice the dollar it asks for its products. Because when I bought iPhone at the cost of losing choice, the moment Apple asks me to get a phone service from AT&T both AT&T and Apple share a collective responsibility for giving me the top-notch service. They both seems failing.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

फ़िर से एक शेर

दिखूं ख़ुद को जो शीशे में हैरानी आन होती है,
लगे बदला सा ये चेहरा, या फिरे नज़रें ही मेरी हैं?
ये धब्बे आँख के जैसे कहें कुछ नयी कहानी है,
या यादें हैं पुरानी वो, बस पलकों पे आनी हैं?
बरस के जा चुके बादल लगें मेरे खुले गेसू,
जमा आंखों के गड्ढों में, क्या ये पीने का पानी है?