Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anna should continue his fight and Kejriwal his own

I completely agree with Anna's position to continue to fight against corruption and not associate or align with any specific political party including Kejriwal's. That said, today Indians need an alternative. Congress is no good on their own and BJP is no good either. The Third front initiatives are all marred by opportunists and "game players" and do not truly represent Indians when it comes to common interests. Kejriwal's decision to provide that alternative is a good one. Our democratic system is not broken it is just dirty. We as electorates welcome new alternatives new faces new ideas and leaders outside of political parties that have become breading grounds of family run careers or where leadership are limited to a very few. Anna's value and his stature is not tied to Kejriwal's success. Neither Kejriwal's failure would or should dampen what Anna is fighting for. If Kejriwal becomes corrupt then he would see the wrath of Anna in the same way Congress is under today. If ends up giving a cleaner and efficient government then it only achieves the dream Anna has given us. They are neither conflicting nor challenging to each other. What Kejriwal does have exposed himself to is a vulnerability that Congress and other parties were waiting to see and if he is really an able administrator not just a dreamer he should demonstrate how he can plug them close. Kejriwal's success to launch, control and win the next elections will also provide confidence to the electorates that he is ripe for governance.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

बहुत दिन बाद एक शेर

अभी मत सोवो कि राह बाकी है आधी,
लोग जग रहे हैं उस पार तेरे इंतज़ार में।
खोने की सोच भी कैसे सकते हो तुम?
तुझे पाने को लोग हैं कतार में।