Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Zealand finished the whitewash

Read Kiwis' stunning victory over Aussies in a 3-0 whitewash. Now, who said India has a chance in the world cup?

Where do these guys come from?

[Script taken from BBC]-"According to the police, he told them during questioning that women occupying senior positions was against the rule of God, and was an attempt to subjugate men." Read More

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dada wins the first battle

Dada once again proved his mettle. What a delight to see Dada succeed. He wins the first battle and I hope he wins the next war for the Indian cricket team. I don't know who those guys were who once doubted his abilities but believe me there are people who pray for him to bring the glory back to the team.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Emergency landing and random encounters

Another fun travelling... My flight had to make an emergency landing in a small town in PA due to some smoke in the engine compartment. Believe it or not the smoke was caused by a trash bag stuck in the engine. Anyway when people around me were frustrated, it was yet another delayed/cancelled/diverted incident for me so who cares? Even though not clear enough in the picture, but what you see are the fire trucks surrounding the plane from a distance. It was no big deal just a few conservative precautions. I knew my family was worried for me too. Over a period of time I have figured it out, the lesser the instructions the more worried they are. Anyhow, We stayed overnight at a hotel and flew back to Chicago with a standby ticket to Denver for the next day. With sitting next to a Russian family who spordically spoke in English (only when getting chocolate brownies - a typical alien behaviour to show they belong), to an Indian who tried to avoid looking at me till he found me throwing a smile at him. Also met a bunch of overacheivers with backgrounds of Stanford and MIT. Each encounter has a funny story. Just over hearing the guy had a computer science degree from Stanford (SUN remember?) was even funnier. He kept mentioning "the school" again and again till the girl asked which one did he go to? The old trick of impressing girls I guess. From the talks of entrepreneurship to office jokes to the top of the world views, I did feel my flight had made an emergency landing. From the realization that the next flight will not have a place for me I was in the line to try for another one when I heard a voice "Mr. Srivastava". I was back in the saddle.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Novel Idea to find the car in a parking lot

It has always been you taking the remote and searching for your car. The better would be if the car has a sensor and tracks your remote. It can make a sound "Hey Ashish I am here", or raise a flag mounted on top of it or some other crazy way. How easy the life would become. Ford/GM/Toy/Honda? Anyone listening?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heard of Manfume?

Courtesy Thinguy and Linda I found myself to be:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama announces his cadidature

Long awaited but Obamaannounces his candidature for the presidency. Now its yet to be seen if the country with 200 yrs of democracy that calls its' president the leader of the free world is itself ready for a black President, or a woman for that matter. I think the world is keener than ever before.

Friday, February 09, 2007

एक शेर मुलाहिज़ा फरमाइए

आसां हो ज़िन्दगी तो क्या मज़ा है जीने में?
क्या लुत्फ़ है ख़ुद अपना ही अश्क पीने में।
उड़ा के ले गई ये कश्मकश बदन के पानी को,
सीने का ज़हर उतरता है अब मेरे पसीने में।
दवा अब क्या करे ये इक अंगूरे ज़हर?
उतरा करें जो खंज़र हजारों, हमारे सीने में।

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Any substitute for Rational Rose? Anyone?

Since Rational Rose became the tool for the Riches I have been looking for it's decent substitute. I have been playing around with Poseidon for a while which I kinda liked but its even community edition is not free. The 30-day free evaluation is more pain in the neck to renew. In the free world atleast the community editions should be free, but anyway. I started looking at the ArgoUML which looked pretty decent but its' code generator looks a little out-of-whack. I created a simple class A with two attributes int a; and String b. Upon code generation I see a public class int {} defined in the class A. C'mon there has to be a way to recognize these standard Java types. I do remember fiddling with Ambercadero and I do not recall why I stopped using it. Could anyone recommend some neat UML tool for Java? Code generation and Reverse Engineering would be a plus. Hmm... Or did I already find a Good One (StarUML)?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Veeru is no Dada, so beware!

Who the heck does Veeru think he is? Does he think he is some Dada? The next time he messes up, he should be kicked and thrown out to play gilli-danda in the streets of Najafgarh.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Manhatten as Hoboken sees it

So where is the money (In India)?

Top 1%: 16% of wealth
Top 5%: 38% of wealth
Top 10%: 53% of wealth
Bottom 80%: 30% of wealth
Bottom 50%: 8% of wealth
Bottom 20%: 1% of wealth
Bottom 10% 0.2% of wealth
*Courtesy BBC

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Iced Cava for you programmers

Hey! You Java programmers.. you know Cafe Babe don't you? Thats the first string of hexadecimal numbers 0xCAFEBABE to identify valid JVM files. But as you all know the Java programming language is all about coffee. In many languages one term for Coffee is Cava or Kahva. The concept and the words are known for many years now, but I am rearranging it and tossing a new word: ICeD CaVA - means Iced coffee. This word has the factors to measure the quality of your Java code. Let me explain it how:
I - Instability
Ce - Efferent Coupling
D - Distance from the main sequence
Ca - Afferent Coupling
V - Volatility
A - Abstractness

What does these mean though?

Instability: Is the ratio of Ce/(Ce + Ca). The metric is an indicator of the package resilience to change. I = 0 means a completely stable package. Many of the SDK packages will have its' I = 0. If the changes in other packages does not affect this package then its value is zero.

Efferent Coupling: Is the number of other packages that the classes in this package depends on. Efferent coupling is an indicator of how independent the package is.

Distance from the Main Sequence: The 'D' factor is a metric of the package's balance between the stability and abstractness. Ideal packages are either completely abstract and stable (x = 0, y = 1) or completely concrete and instable (x = 1, y = 0).

Afferent Coupling: Its the number of other packages that depend on the classes in your package. This is a metric indicating the package's responsibility.

Volatility: Is your package going to change or not? java.lang has a V = 0, means creating dependencies on this package is not a cause of concern. If you are starting to build a package, the initial value of V is equal to 1.

Abstractness: This is the ratio of the number of abstract classes and the interfaces to the total number of classes in your package. If A = 0 then its completely a concrete package. A = 1 indicates a completely abstract package.

So here you go, you have a completely freshly brewed cold coffee. Oops! the Iced Cava.